Who are we

Since 2012 TerraFormDesign has been collaborating with clients to design and deliver solutions for life—solutions that make our organisations, communities and planet more habitable and profitable for all people and all species, for all time. We love adding value by building vibrant human ego-systems and resilient natural eco-systems that support each other and provide lasting benefits that are life sustaining, not just sustainable.

We work with public, private and community organisations operating from the local level to those with global reach. We believe ‘together is better’ and have nurtured long-term relationships with clients built on mutual respect for each other, the people we serve and the places we live, work and play.


The story behind the name

Our logo represents a global puzzle being solved with a leaf symbolising our reliance on natural resources for all human prosperity.

Terraform means ‘to make habitable’.  While some people talk of terraforming Mars our priority is terraforming Earth—to make our planet more habitable for all of us, for all time. 

The process of design is fundamentally solving problems with creative solutions. It begins with defining desired outcomes and then making the transformation to get from where you are (here) to where you want to be (there). Designing solutions is simple in theory, but in practice not always easy. And that's where our experience pays off.

The phrase for life means for all life, but also for all time. We seek life-friendly solutions that deliver life-long benefits.


Our professional Network

Our professional team and network of associates are nimble and can adapt quickly to meet your specific project requirements. We have ‘eco-systems’ expertise including the conservation management of natural and cultural resources, eco-tourism, nature-based recreation and public appreciation, engaging with Traditional Owners, community and stakeholder interests, building management capability and service excellence. In relation to human ‘ego-systems’, our strengths include organisational development, strategy and planning, leadership, business improvement, cultural change and workforce engagement. 


About Us

Terry Harper (Director)


Terry has more than 25 years Australian and international experience delivering natural resource management and sustainability outcomes for community benefit. This includes extensive senior executive experience managing Australian World Heritage Areas (e.g. Wet Tropics, Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, and Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia), more than 52 million hectares of protected lands and waters, and establishing self-funding business arrangements for natural areas. Terry knows the business of government at the international, national, regional and local level, especially in relation to environment, natural resource management, sustainability and Indigenous engagement. 

Terry is a Churchill Fellow and has represented Australia in United Nations negotiating forums on sustainable development. His energetic style and unique mix of big ideas and business pragmatism help clients solve wicked problems and deliver improved performance.

Liesl Harper (Director)


Liesl is an education and training expert with a passion for using evidence-based insights to improve individual and organisational performance. Liesl has more than 25 years experience in professional and strategic leadership roles creating online learning materials, leading professional development and enterprise level change management programs, and designing and delivering a range of organisational development and evaluation projects. 

Liesl consistently brings a creative, vision-directed and people-orientated focus when leading and managing change resulting in strong networks and lasting relationships. Evidence-based innovation is a hallmark of her work. Liesl has led whole of government processes and developed frameworks for inclusive educational practice at a domestic and International level and as Director of Ladder Consulting (a Division of TerraFormDesign Pty Ltd). Her mantra ‘diversity not deficit’ celebrates the unique potential of every learner in every environment.